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Yogesh Joshee


Meet Yogesh

Most only dream of having a career that they also consider their passion. For Yogesh, he has been able to carve out two. It has taken years of hard work and dedication, but Yogesh was able to established a successful career as a IT Consultant working with top financial and business clients across industries. But he didn’t stop there. He also became the first Indian football sports agent in the world.

Growing up Yogesh loved to tinker with everyday objects. He would modify his bicycle to get it to ride faster, he would design intricate forts for him and his friends to play in, he would see something like a clock radio or a television and want to take it apart and put it back together so he could really understand how it worked. This curiosity lead Yogesh to his first career passion in programming.

Yogesh learned to code different systems with various programs. He began helping his college peers upgrade their desktops. Starting out on his ZX Spectrum, he never imagined he would one day be working with well-respected, fortune 500 companies in the heart of London.

But Yogesh had another passion: football. Before Yogesh, there had never been an licensed Indian football sports agent, but that didn’t discourage him. He became the first Indian licensed agent in the world, a major accomplishment for himself and for the industry. Yogesh went on to sign prominent footballers such as Sunil Chhetri and Michael Chopra, and he continues to seek out the best talent in hopes of signing them to some of the greatest football organizations in the world.

Today, Yogesh continues to act as a sports agent and consultant. He is incredibly proud of his career so far and excited for all that lies ahead.

Yogesh’s Multi-faceted Career:


Yogesh Joshee was the first officially licensed Indian FIFA agent, who now primarily sponsors footballers of Indian descent. With the Indian Super League headed into their second season, he hopes to sign the best, new, young talent around.

IT Consultant

Yogesh has 20+ years experience as an IT consultant helping businesses create and implement complex IT initiatives. He works across industries, and has become a sought after IT expert in the London area.


Yogesh has been following football and the evolution of technology since he was a young boy. They have become his passion and his life’s work. But what inspires him the most is when technology and sports come together.


On Consulting

“These companies I work with is fantastic, being able to get my hands on the latest technology still gives me goosebumps and will always be my favorite aspect with helping companies with consulting.”


On Being an Agent

“Being an agent for not only my favorite sport, but also representing fellow Indians is a huge accomplishment, and I hope the youth looks at me as inspiration that anything is possible and not to limit themselves to any single path.”